Hi...writer Mark Wright here. Thanks for stopping by. WrightsContent.com exists to help you easily find the following services and information:

  • Feature Writing: If you’re a magazine editor or publisher in search of engaging content for a demanding audience, let’s talk. I’m happy to provide samples.
  • Communication Strategy: Want to avoid ready-fire-aim syndrome? I can bring a big-picture perspective to your project or publication, clarify what you want to achieve, and assist you in developing measurable goals. I usually do this work in tandem with Rockville, Maryland-based PR and marketing firm On The Marc Media — because our multiple perspectives enrich the process.
  • Special Presentations: I occasionally develop and facilitate educational programs for professional audiences. If you don’t mind a guy with a body made for radio and a voice made for newspapers, let me know what you have in mind and we’ll see if I’d be a good fit for your group.

The world has a lot of problems, obviously — two of which have captured my deep involvement. You’ll find details on each via the links below:

I look forward to connecting. Ping me on LinkedIn, or reach me at mark {@} wrightscontent {dot} com.