July 9, 2016

Times Changing for this Mark Wright

It's time to start saying farewell. I'm not going out of business. But I'm changing my online presence in order to solve three problems.

Problem #1: You're Probably Here By Accident
This particular website is only discovered by people who have no interest in hiring a freelance writer. Add to that the reality that I get virtually 100 percent of my new business via referrals and, well, the utility of this site is dropping rapidly.

Problem #2: Google Changed
The Google landscape has finally become too steep and slippery for my 'wrightscontent' site to climb. Up until recently, when you searched the keywords 'freelance writer maryland', for example, you would find me and several other area freelancers. We took turns being above or below one another in the results, but we were usually safely on the first page. No longer. The entire first page of search results is now occupied by freelance writer job-search sites — not service-provider sites like mine and my competitors'. The fact that, for the moment, I happen to be #1 on the second page of results is not only not gratifying; it's a sure sign that — combined with problem #1 above — waving the surrender flag is my wisest option.

Problem #3: Too Many Mark Wrights
My name is apparently among the most common on the planet. Not only is 'Wright' roughly similar to 'Smith' and 'Jones' in its ubiquity — which is understandable given its derivation — but the first-name 'Mark' is similarly in huge supply. And some of those Mark Wrights enjoy celebrity and near-celebrity status. So, when folks search 'Mark Wright', they don't have me in mind. Which is totally fine. It just means I have to tweak how I position my business online.

Solution: Change & Adapt
I'm going to reinvent, retool and relaunch in a new, competitively differentiated form. There's no launch date to announce yet for my new platform. But this site will go on life-support mode at the end of August 2016; the wrightscontent URL will live on for a while only as an email address until my transition is complete.

So, if you're reading this (thanks!) and you are actually searching for freelance writing assistance, please email me: mark [at] wrightscontent [dot] com.

And if you are visiting because you thought I was one of those famous Mark Wrights — sorry to disappoint. Good luck in your search. I'll soon make finding them even easier by removing wrightscontent from those pesky Google search results. ;-)